Delegate Uploaded Files

  1. From the backend Toolbar, click on Delegate Files
  2. From here, you'll see all previously uploaded documents from Delegates.
  3. To view the file, click (or we suggest right-click/open in new tab) the blue link.
  4. Once verified, we suggested you place a gold star in the first column to indicate the file is accepted.
  5. However, you'll need to go back to the registration of the Delegate to notify the Delegate their submission is complete.

Delegate Uploads

Note, you'll have to authorize yourself as user to see these files through Microsoft OneDrive. See Microsoft OneDrive Authentication. The unique link will be found on the dashboard when you login to

Microsoft OneDrive Authentication

Use the OneDrive Authentication link from the Backend to sign into your OneDrive account and click Add To My Shared Folder as shown:

Add to My Shared List


Ticketing Mobile App

The Event Espresso 4 mobile app for Android and Apple allows you to transform your existing mobile device into an onsite attendee management tool. This event app allows you to quickly check-in attendees and view information about your events and attendees. Built-in ticket scanning capabilities allow you to scan tickets at the event.

Barcode Scanner

The Barcode Scanner add-on is great alternative to the mobile apps for checking-in attendees the door of your classes and events. Just plugin your handheld scanner to your desktop or laptop computer and easily start scanning tickets at the door, right from your dashboard.

  1. Go to your Dashboard and locate Events/Barcode Scanner.
  2. Click on the dropdown and locate your event and click on it.
  3. Then decide if you want to continuously scan attendees/registrants or lookup an attendee and manually check them in. Once you’ve selected your event from the dropdown, use your mouse (or finger if using a mobile device) to select the field labeled “Scan or enter barcode here”, which listens for and reads the scanned barcodes.
  4. Scan a ticket! This is the fun part. Make sure your handheld scanner is plugged-in to your computer (or connected via Bluetooth to your mobile device), then grab a ticket you’ve printed and scan it. If everything works correctly, the scanner should read the barcode and populate the text field with a number/text string that will automatically check-in or display an attendee’s information.

That’s it. You are now ready to checking-in people at the door of your event.